In Stock! Pressure Transducers with Deutsch Connectors

17 July 2020

Transducer Sensors Australia is now carrying the TSA-831PT heavy duty machinery pressure transducers in stock with a Deutsch DT connector


We are stocking the typical hydraulic pressure ranges that are commonly associated with heavy mobile machinery.

The Deutsch DT connector is used in many vehicle applications, because it is a tried and tested method of maintaining a reliable electrical connection in high heat and high vibration applications.

Such applications include trucks and vehicles for garbage disposal, construction, agricultural, and forestry and mining machinery.

 The 3-pin thermoplastic latching mechanism of the Deutsch DT connector allows for a super-fast connection that is so strong that you can almost hang-off of it.

Of course, TSA also stocks the TSA-831PT pressure transducers with the M12 electrical connector too.


For further information, please contact Transducer Sensors Australia on 1800 632 693.