Buying Encoders Online is Simple

17 July 2020

Transducer Sensors Australia offers a comprehensive range of encoders to buy online. 

Buying encoders online is convenient for customers who need to be out in the field during office hours and need to place purchase orders for encoders in the evening.  

You can browse our range of encoders by clicking on the following link: 

Link to Encoders to Buy Online 

Programmable Encoders 

Transducer Sensor Australia’s range of encoders includes programmable encoders manufactured by POSITAL. 

You may not be immediately familiar with the POSITAL brand name, but they are a German manufacturer, producing encoders for many of the well-known encoder suppliers around the world.  

When you select a programmable encoder on this website, you will see in the product description what the default values of the encoder are. If these match your requirements you simply add the item to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process. Don’t forget to add any couplers, wheels, cables, etc. that you may need.  

The encoder description shows which parameters can be programmed and the specification ranges that are available. 

If you wish to have the encoder programmed there are two options: 

  • You can purchase a programmer to program the encoder yourself 


  • You can use our encoder programming service 

The encoder programming tool is only cost effective if you are programming multiple units.  

If you are only need one encoder programmed, then our encoder programming service is the most affordable option.  

The ‘UBIFAST’ programmer and our ‘Encoder Programming’ service are listed as related items at the bottom of the encoder product information page. You simply add which one you need to your shopping cart.  


When selecting the ‘Encoder Programming’ option, you will see three fields that you need to complete before you can add the item to the cart. 


We will then program the encoder accordingly before sending it to you. The packing slip that accompanies the encoder will show an amended part number that corresponds to the programmed parameters. 

Our Range of Encoders 

Our range of encoders includes: 

Absolute encoders and incremental encoders. We also offer solid shaft and hollow shaft encoders.  

There are two types of hollow shaft encoder. Blind hollow shaft encoders can be fitted to the end of a shaft. Through hollow shaft encoders can be fitted anywhere along a shaft, as the shaft can be passed through the encoder.  

Encoder Technical Support 

Although we are an online store, we still have real people available for you to talk to.  

If you have any questions about encoders, please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 632 693. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have.